The Promoter is Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd (ABN: 62 004 926 005) of 111 Cambridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066 (Promoter).

Promotion period

The Promotion will commence at 00:01 AEST on 27 September 2019 and conclude at 23:59 AEDT on 27 March 2020 (Promotion Period).

Who can enter

  1. Participation in the Promotion is only open to Australian residents aged 18 years or older, excluding:
    1. management, employees, directors and contractors of the Promoter, its related entities and other agencies, firms or companies associated with the Promotion (including suppliers of the prize);
    2. a spouse, de-facto spouse, parent, guardian, child or sibling of a person referred to in paragraph (a) of these Conditions;
    3. persons who have breached the terms and conditions of any promotion run by or on behalf of the Promoter,

    (Eligible Claimants). The persons referred to in paragraph (b) of these Conditions includes natural and non-natural relations (in the opinion of the Promoter) and the Promoter is responsible for determining whether a person is an Eligible Claimant in its absolute discretion.

  2. Any Eligible Claimant who, in the opinion of the Promoter;
    1. tampers or interferes with the claim mechanism in any way;
    2. engages in any unlawful or improper conduct; or
    3. who does not properly comply with the claim process;

    will be ineligible.

How to enter

To be eligible to claim, Eligible Claimants must, during the Promotion Period:

  1. purchase any of the following products across the new Swisse Kids range, including:
    • Swisse Kids Multi (AUSTL 313944);
    • Swisse Kids Immune Health (AUSTL 313804);
    • Swisse Kids Bone Health (AUSTL 310364);
    • Swisse Kids Rest + Restore (AUSTL 314907);
    • Swisse Kids Brain Health DHA + (AUSTL 316092);
    • Swisse Kids Fish Oil (AUSTL 314848); and
    • Swisse Kids Probiotic (AUSTL 317975)

    (Eligible Product) from any authorised Australian retailer or online (Qualifying Purchase) and collect their purchase receipt;

  2. visit and follow the links to the Promotion claim page (Online Claim Site); and
  3. fully complete and submit the online Promotion entry form on the Online Claim Site (Online Claim Form) before 23:59 AEDT on 10 April, 2020, including:
    1. all details required on the Online Claim Form, including but not limited to their first name, last name, postal address, contact phone number, email address and age;
    2. indicating which Eligible Product they purchased including product name and the last four digits of the barcode and the store where they made their Qualifying Purchase;
    3. uploading image of receipt clearly showing the date and place of purchase, Eligible Product, purchase price and receipt number;
    4. stating in 15 words minimum what their child thought about the taste of the Eligible Product and why it didn't meet their expectations (must be a negative statement); and
    5. indicating their acceptance of these Conditions, (Eligible Claim).

How many times can I claim

Eligible Claimants can claim once per Eligible Product per household up to a total of seven (7) claims across the new Swisse Kids range.


  1. Eligible Claimants must retain their original purchase receipt from their Qualifying Purchase (Proof of Purchase) which corresponds to each claim they submit in the Promotion.
  2. If requested by the Promoter, Eligible Claimants must produce, within the time requested by the Promoter at its absolute discretion:
    1. appropriate photo identification or other documentation, required by the Promoter to verify their identity, age, eligibility to enter the Promotion and claim the refund and compliance with these Conditions; and
    2. their Proof of Purchase that corresponds to all claims they have submitted in the Promotion.
  3. If the items required by the Promoter are not received or an Eligible Claimant has not been verified to the satisfaction of the Promoter within the time period required by the Promoter, the claim(s) submitted by the Eligible Claimant will be deemed invalid.
  4. The refund will only be awarded following all validation and verification requirements of the Promoter being met to its satisfaction. In the event that the Eligible Claimant cannot provide suitable validation or verification, the Eligible Claimant will forfeit their right to a refund.


  1. All Claimants that have undergone validation and verification will receive:
  2. an email confirming the outcome of the validation and verification process and whether further information is required to process the Claim within 5 business days of making a Claim; and
  3. where the validation and verification process has been successful, a refund of the purchase price (including GST and excluding any delivery costs) loaded onto an eftpos gift card and sent to the postal address provided within 28 business days of being notified of the successful validation and verification process (Refund).

The eftpos gift card is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The eftpos® gift card can be used anywhere eftpos® is accepted. The eftpos® gift card cannot be used to withdraw cash. Some merchants may choose not to accept the eftpos® gift card.
  2. The eftpos gift card must be activated within three (3) months from the date of the card issue date. Claimants must refer to the instructions provided with the issuing letter to activate.
  3. To activate the card, claimants must go online to Claimants must enter their first name, last name, email address as the requested details.
  4. The eftpos® Gift card can be used from 12pm the next business day after the date of activation and is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of activation, after which time it will expire.
  5. An eftpos® Gift Card is subject to the Issuer's eftpos® Gift Card Terms of Use available here] (eftpos® Gift Card T&Cs)
  6. The eftpos® gift card cannot be redeemed for cash, reloaded, returned for a refund, have their balances consolidated to a new gift card, or be replaced or extended after expiry (whether this means after the activation period expiry or 12 month expiry after activation) or have their value replaced after expiry and are not legal tender, account cards, credit or debit cards or securities.
  7. eftpos® gift cards will be deemed void if they are defaced, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way.
  8. A copy of Edge Loyalty's privacy policy can be obtained at and a copy of the Issuer's privacy policy can be obtained at
  9. The eftpos® prepaid gift card is issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited ABN 30 131 436 532 AFSL 404131 and distributed by Edge Loyalty Systems ABN 96 138 299 288 of Level 1, 500 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC, 3141. The Promoter is Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd (ABN: 62 004 926 005) of 111 Cambridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066.


All Eligible Claimants will be notified via email once their Refund has been processed.


  1. The Promoter shall not be liable for any element of the Refund being lost, stolen or tampered with in any way before it reaches the Eligible Claimant.
  2. The Promoter accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any tax liabilities that may arise from the Eligible Claimant accepting the Refund, and independent financial advice should be sought by the winner.
  3. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any claims not received for any reason during the Promotion Period. No responsibility will be taken for lost, late or misdirected claims. The Promoter does not warrant that the claim mechanisms will be available, or the Promoter will be open, at all times during the Promotion Period.
  4. The:
    1. Promoter, the Promoter's related entities and all agencies associated with the Promotion; and
    2. the employees, agents, directors and contractors, of all entities referred to in paragraph (a),

    shall not be liable for any loss or claim, action, demand, liability, damage, cost, expense or personal injury whatsoever (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential loss), incurred, suffered or sustained by any person or entity (without limitation) in connection with, or arising from, the Promotion, except that which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the maximum extent allowable by law).


  1. The Promoter is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012), as well as any other applicable laws.
  2. The Promoter collects, uses, discloses and stores the Eligible Claimant's personal information for the purpose of conducting the Promotion, without which the Promoter couldn't conduct the Promotion. The Promoter may disclose the Eligible Claimant's information to contractors and agents to assist in conducting this Promotion, which may include disclosure overseas. The Promoter's Privacy Policy, available at, contains more information on how the Promoter manages the Eligible Claimant's personal information, including how the Eligible Claimant can access and correct its information, or make a complaint.
  3. Immediately upon submission by an Eligible Claimant, their claim/claims become the sole property of the Promoter.
  4. The Prize winner must, at the Promoter's request, participate in any Promotion activity (such as publicity and photography) relating to the winning and fulfilment of the Prize, free of charge, and they consent to the Promoter using their name and image in any future promotional material.